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What to Consider before Buying a Pizza Oven

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There are many things to consider before buying a pizza oven. Pizza ovens have seen a huge increase in sales in recent years. This growth is a combination of many factors including the extra time we have all been spending at home. Pizza ovens are a great way to feed friends and family as an average pizza oven will cook a pizza in 60-90 seconds; a lot easier than sweating over a BBQ. 


Apart from the fact that it is a rare person who does not like pizza there has been a real growth in the availability of pizza ovens to purchase. Up to few years ago, the only domestic pizza oven you could get was a permanent fixed build wood-fired pizza oven, the type you see in proper pizzerias. Aside from the space you would need to house one of those in your garden, they can also cost thousands.  


Now you can buy pizza ovens in all shapes and sizes, and in a wide variety of colours. Prices start at about $200 /£150 depending upon size and whether portable or fixed.  

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roccbox portable pizza oven
DISCOVER- ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

What are the different types of Pizza Ovens?


Custom Built – this is usually a large hand built brick or clay structure, often built to provide a focal point in the outside space as well as a functioning pizza oven. These are considered to be the best ovens if you have the space by the pizza experts as they offer the most even heat distribution and retention, to evenly quickly cook the perfect pizza.



Freestanding or Pre-Built – this is a popular choices for anyone wanting a larger pizza oven space for their garden and to be able to cater for more people. These freestanding pizza ovens will usually have a fire chamber underneath and the oven space above. This offers far more space to cook more pizzas in one go than the custom built type where the fire is inside the oven and the pizza is cooked in the space along side the flames. 


Portable – portable pizza ovens are becoming increasingly popular and offer a very convenient way of ensuring just about any outside space can be turned into a pizzeria.

gas and wood pizza oven
DISCOVER- Ooni Karu - Wood-fired and Gas Pizza Oven

Wood Burning vs Gas Burning Pizza Ovens


There are basically two types of fuel used in outdoor pizza ovens – wood and gas.



Wood – is the traditional fuel for outdoor pizza ovens. Burning wood not only produces the necessary heat in the oven, but it also adds an extra level of flavour from the smoke it produces. Although they cook pizza quickly they do take take a while to get up to full heat.


Gas – Gas on the other hand is quick to light and get up to heat, which means you can be cooking your pizza in no time. It is also less messy than dealing with wood fire and ash.


However if you are a pizza perfectionist you will notice that a gas pizza oven doesn’t add that beautiful aromatic flavouring to your pizza that you get from a wood fire.


Are Electric Pizza Ovens any Good?


It depends what you are looking for and your circumstances. Electric pizza ovens usually can be used inside so it means you don’t have to lose out if you have no outside space.

In addition many wood-burning pizza ovens are extremely heavy and difficult to maintain, whereas electric pizza ovens provide a more convenient alternative.


DISCOVER - G3 Ferrari G10006 Delizia Pizza Oven

Pizza Stones


A pizza stone is often referred to as a baking stone is a flat cooking surface used for a variety of baking purposes but primarily for pizzas. The main use of a pizza stone is to distribute the heat evenly so that all surfaces are cooked properly, without having to alter or flip whatever you’re cooking. It will also extract the right amount of moisture so that your pizza is crispy and delicious every time. these can be used in an oven or even on a BBQ as long as it has a lid.

Pizza Stone for a gas BBQ
DISCOVER- Pizza Stone Set

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