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What is a Barbecue Smoker?

What is a bbq smoker

A barbecue smoker grill is designed to smoke food and in particular meat. This is usually done in a long, horizontal chamber, placed alongside the heat source rather than directly above it, unlike a regular BBQ. This makes it easier to adjust the fuel without moving the food.

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What is the difference between Smoking and Barbecuing?

The terms “smoking” and “barbecuing” are often used interchangeably. But there is a key difference between them in that smoking specifically relies on flavorful smoke to cook meat, whereas barbecuing uses heat produced by burning charcoal or cooking wood. 


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How does a Smoker Work?


Smoking food is a cooking method as old as time. Using flame and smoke to cook might be considered by some to be primal, but it’s an art that takes years to perfect. Smoking involves technique, timing, and precision.


The attention to detail and the patience required to achieve an excellent smoked meal give you the opportunity to really impress.


The secret to mastering the coveted technique of cooking with a smoker lies in understanding how a smoker works.

A BBQ smoker is a cooking chamber powered by various fuels to smoke meat in a controlled, low-temperature, smoky environment. This chamber can come in multiple sizes. Put simply, the bigger the smoker, the bigger the meal!


The options to fuel your smoker could range from natural gas or propane, wood, pellets, or charcoal. Regardless of the fuel, the goal is to keep the interior temperature of your smoker close to 225 degrees F or 110 degrees C for long durations at a time.


Therefore a smoker requires smoke and temperature control. If you can maintain both of these elements for a long period of time, you’ve got yourself a smoker. 


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